Alexagate — Goodbye Overhearing


People love to talk about privacy, how Facebook and Google are stalking us, how our data is stolen and stored in servers of tech giants, but many are reluctant to take steps to protect our privacy. These services that harvest our data provided us with convenient free services, and we can’t get rid of them all the time.

If the product is free, you are the product.

A brand called MSCHF created this, called Alexagate. It sits on top of your Amazon Echo and blocks your Alexa from listening to you by 7 ultrasonic speakers.

This product might not be very useful, since you can always turn your device off. But it’s not about functionality, it’s about reminding us that we should defend our privacy. Having an ugly alien hat on top of your smart home device is a highly visible physical clue that reminds you to minimize your chances of giving out your data.

It’s an art form, like every other products that MSCHF has launched. Except Alexagate, they have launched Netflix Hangouts, which you can watch Netflix while pretending to be video conferencing.

And Times Newer Roman,

in which each character is 5–10% wider than Times New Roman.

With every student trying so hard to add in connectives, punctuation, meaningless words to fit the page, why not take a step back to see if we can tweak the fonts instead of the content? Hopefully your teacher won’t realize it.

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