I have read it. It is very nice to see that you are putting a lot of effort on teaching kids. But not every family has the resources, energy and knowledge to teach their kids well. Most parents had to work and could not afford buying books and learning materials for their children, at least it is true for many families I have interacted with. The more important thing is, they don't know how to teach their kids or don't care. Their kids just want to play video games all day and they just give up stopping them because it's too hard to. They just eat cup noodles and other unhealthy food every day. Exercise? It might be better if you live in countryside, but I live in big city and every outdoor jogging track, workout spots are closed. Home workout is the only choice. But how do you expect kids to do it if the parents don't exercise regularly?

Your homeschool ideas are so good, and even if kids go to school, their parents could still do the same and provide that learning environment at home. But it is just a sad thing that the most important learning stage of a kid is dominated by their parents. If their parents care about their education, they are going to thrive in the future lives. If not, they will have an extremely hard time catching up. The pandemic is making this gap even bigger. In the past, poor kids can at least get a qualified teacher to teach them something, now they are left with nothing. I feel bad for them.



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