Remember the Poor in this Difficult Time

2 min readAug 1, 2020


As third wave coronavirus outbreak hit Hong Kong, the government announced that restaurants are only allowed to serve takeaway meals on Wednesday.

One day hand, this is an effective measure to prevent the spread of the virus. Although the majority of Hong Kong people do understand that they should stay at home and avoid dining out, some has chosen not to. And eating out also mean taking off face masks and talking to each other closely.

However, as we push forward public health measures, we should not forget this


And this

Source: Stand News

And an old man

source: Apple Daily

Imagine eating on the stairs

source: Facebook

When we are enjoying extra free time from working at home, think about others. Think about construction workers who had to sit on the floor to eat, think of those homeless people who rely on fast food shops like McDonald’s as a place to eat and sleep. To them, McDonald’s is their home. Think of street cleaners who had to clean up all these lunchboxes and food residue.

When we are enjoying economic growth and prosperity, some people didn’t get a share. When we are in recession, some suffer more than others.

Edit: the government has removed the dine in ban in daytime