This is the only activity you should even join at university

That is, your favorite one.

2 min readNov 21, 2020

When I first started college, I joined everything because I wanted to be the cool kid.

I failed to be the cool kid in high school, you know, the kid who do break dance and sings very well, president of student union or some well known school clubs, go clubbing a few times every week and always talkative to strangers and friends.

Therefore I wanted to be one. I go to all social gatherings even when I know I am too busy to go. I respond to everyone’s message because it’s the polite act in our generation, and people always wants to make friends with people who replies immediately.

But looking back, I have learnt little to nothing during these so called gatherings. I do not enjoy most of these sessions chatting about how funny the other guy in class is.

You only live once, and most people only has one undergraduate experience. After that, life will never be the same.

You either work as a corporate monkey and money generating machine (for your boss), or spend most of your time studying as a postgraduate student. You will never have that much time to learn and explore your interests.

Make the most of your undergraduate time to learn what you enjoy, gain skills that you are happy to apply for life.

You only live once.