Why I don’t want Christmas decoration

My friends has been showing off their Christmas trees, big Thanksgiving meals.

Festivals are nice. They let you gather with friends, eat good food, have fun, and build long lasting memories.

But it also makes you spend more money. Businesses make use of festival vibes to encourage over consumption, Black Friday, Christmas sales, etc. Their sole goal is to make you feel that you have missed out if you don’t buy something.

Think about the last great deal you got from a sale. Do you end up using the product? Do you end up enjoying it?

Festival sales make impulsive buy. You are more likely to buy something when you know it would be more expensive to buy later, without thinking carefully whether whether you are actually going to use it.

Why don’t I buy Christmas decoration?

In order to generate more income, you should buy products and services that improves yourself, mentally and physically. Invest in your home workout gear, books, courses, relationships that worth maintaining, not fragile Christmas trees which you are throwing away in a month or so.

What are you going to buy this Christmas? Is the product going to benefit you other than making you a little happier on the day you buy?




Lifelong learner.

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Lifelong learner.

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